Our certificates

Our awards

  • Gratitude to the best distributor of 2016 – Sodruzhestvo LLC from Grona LLC for the productive and long-term cooperation
  • 2016, a certificate. Sodruzhestvo LLC was included in the champion team “Stimul”.
  • A certificate to the best partner in 2015, Sodruzhestvo LLC, in gratitude for the productive promotion of goods of the confectionary factory Stimul in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
  • PE Delitsiya expressed a deep gratitude to Sodruzhestvo LLC for productive cooperation.
  • Certificate for the highest sales rates of products of Bel Shostka Ukraina PJSC in September 2013.
  • 2011 – a certificate for successful development of distribution from Zolotava trademark.
  • Certificate to the Zhytomirskie Lasoschy company as a sales leader of March in 2010.
  • Award for strengthening the leadership of the trademarks of “SUN Inbev Ukraina” OJSC in the Ukrainian market and supporting partnerships based on the results of participation in the Distributor Mastery program in 2009-2016
  • 2010 – The title of the best distributor of the Eastern region from “RUTA” trademark.
  • Zhitomirskie Lasoschy company’s certificate for high performance and payment discipline.
  • 2008 – official distributor of “Gracia” and “Italyanskaya Sushka” trademarks
  • 2003, Mercury LLC (as a part of Sodruzhestvo LLC) — official distributor of Masterfoods company and Effem Ukraina and MARS-Ukraina.
  • The title of Golden Distributor from the Kiev-KONTI company for high professionalism.