Dear partners, colleagues and friends! I’d like to express my gratitude to you for productive and comfortable cooperation for 19 years. We do hope that this long distance we have come together is just the beginning of our business journey; there are great plans for the development and challenging new heights ahead, and this is impossible to achieve without a special trust in your partner and their constant support. We can say it with confidence that Sodruzhestvo employees are professionals, who are fully dedicated to their work and fully support the welfare of their company, and the president of the company, Sergei Vladimirovich Arkhipov, is a man of his word, a true diversified professional and the main motive power of the company. It is Sergei Vladimirovich, this man, who makes the final decisions, who directly influenced our development as partners, providing the best conditions and support in the most difficult situations, and, being incredibly optimistic, instantly leveling out any of our fears and doubts regarding making any decision. We wish the whole team of Sodruzhestvo LLC long-term, steady growth and further prosperity! We are always there for you!

Grona LLC


Dear partners!
During our cooperation, Sodruzhestvo LLC has shown its ability to take full responsibility for the tasks that have been set, to carry them out efficiently and on time. A distinctive feature of their work is high professionalism, organization of the company’s employees and a strong team spirit.
Based on the foregoing, Lagoda PJSC-CF characterizes Sodruzhestvo LLC as a reliable and professional distributor.

CEO of PJSC CF «Lagoda»


CF “Delitsiya”!

Sodruzhestvo company has been an important, reliable and conscientious strategic partner for us for over 10 years now in Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

Sodruzhestvo company is all about highly professional trading teams, qualitive approach to brand distribution (indicators of qualitive and quantitative distribution); high-quality and flexible logistics, solving issues of any difficulty, responsibility and efficiency of employees, as well as the desire to always go forward to the highest rates.

We are confident we’ll maintain the existing friendly relations and hope for further mutually beneficial and productive cooperation.

CF “Delitsiya”


On behalf of PJSC Bel Shostka Ukraina, I thank our partner – Sodruzhestvo LLC for successful cooperation and productive work for more than five years. Your company is a professional and reliable partner – and that has been confirmed more than once throughout our cooperation.

I’d like to note how quickly the company employees respond to all emerging questions. High business qualities and qualifications of employees. On-time and complete fulfillment of the obligations assumed under the contracts, compliance with all spoken and written agreements. And most importantly – focus on results!

I am confident in the maintaining of the existing business relations and the development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

I wish you successful growth, economic stability and the achievement of new height in business.

With regards, head of regional sales in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetorvsk, Poltava, Sumy regions

Dolbnya Oleg Sergeevich


A letter of gratitude!!!

Dear partners!!!

Personally, and on behalf of the factory management, I’d like to express our gratitude to you for closing the planned indicators with more than 100%, the priority goals in November were close with more than 120%.

The foregoing speaks of high professionalism and competence of the direction leaders, regional managers, supervisors, who each at their own level qualitatively exposed and controlled the tasks of qualitive and quantitative distribution in the entrusted territory.

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the owners and managers of distribution companies, who, despite the shortage and sometimes even lack of goods in the warehouses, have always found a compromise solution and fulfilled our requests with understanding.

I want to emphasize that the result achieved in November 2017 is a historical maximum for the Easter Ukraine regions and it says that together we have correctly planned all the important strategic indicators and priority directions for 2017. I hope that we’ll be able to achieve such results together once again in December 2017.

Thank you all for the work you’ve done in November. Together we are the best, together we are the greatest!!!!!

With regards, regional manager of CF “Stimul”

Evgeny Granik