Sodruzhestvo LLC is one of the biggest distribution companies in the Eastern Ukraine. Head office is located in Mariupol and there’s a branches in Kramatorsk, Bahmut, Berdyansk and offices in Pokrovsk and Severodonetsk. The history of our company includes more than 20 years of successful growth and development in the distribution of consumer goods market.

Sodruzhestvo company provides comprehensive distribution services to its clients. Products are shipped directly from the manufacturers, which, in conjunction with well-established logistics processes and our own warehouses, provides optimal trading conditions for customers.

The product range is represented by goods of various categories, ranging from confectionary to low-alcoholic beverages. All products are represented by the brands, that are renowned and beloved by millions of Ukrainians. Distributor offers its customers only high-quality products and its suppliers – maximum sales per capita.


A long-standing conscientious work in our field and well-established partnerships with manufacturers allow us to deliver goods at the most favorable prices and in the shortest time possible. While the Sodruzhestvo company offers flexible conditions, it’s committed to a long-term cooperation and is focused on building reliable, transparent and mutually beneficial relations with all its partners.