For over 20 years we have successfully cooperated with the largest manufacturers of confectionery products and provide our customers with a huge selection of products. The result of our work is the trust of customers and partners, as well as promising cooperation with the leading domestic confectionery manufacturer – TM “Konti”.

The company’s catalogs contain various types of TM “Konti” cookies: Kontik sandwich cookies, Bonjour dessert, Jack chocolate candy and waffle, Mumu caramel and Rachki.

The assortment portfolio of the Stimul confectionery factory includes more than 200 types of unique products: sweets, waffles, marshmallows, marmalade, toffee, dragees and some types of oriental sweets.

The range of CF “Delitsiya” is represented by three product lines, of which more than 40 types of cookies, 6 types of gingerbread and a large selection of wafer products.

All our partners:

  • “KONTI”
  • “Grona”
  • “Stimulus”
  • “KBF” (Kiev Biscuit Factory)
  • “Agroprodukt (Znamenka)”
  • “Kherson confectionery factory”
  • “Soyuz-conditer”
  • “Zaporozhye confectionery factory”
  • “Delitziya”
  • “Lagoda”
  • “Aris”
  • “Vista”
  • “Zhytomyr Lasoshi”
  • “Lapotushka”