Distribution company “Sodruzhestvo” supplies products of well-known brands that are trusted by buyers. The product range of Kanetrade includes more than 100 types of cheese and is represented by the trademarks Kanev, Cheese Club, Como. More than 50 products of “Latin Dairy” products, butter, soft, hard and processed cheeses which are in high demand from buyers. Over 150 product names of Starokonstantinovsky Dairy Plant, the recognized leader of the Ukrainian market for the production of dairy products. The brand portfolio of the company “Vitmark” Ukraine is represented by six trademarks, more than 200 names of juices and juice-containing products.

Belle Shostka
TM “Equator” (canned)
“Normotreyd” (cheese product)
“Starokonstantinovsky MF”
“Milk Sloboda” (condensed milk)
“Litinsky MF”
“Gulyay Pole”